How it Works

Own what you trade

The CryptoCM Platform is unlike any other trading platform you have seen on the market. CryptoCM is dedicated to cryptocurrency. You trade with the bitcoin that you own, instead of using fiat currencies to trade on cryptocurrencies.

A trading example

  • You deposit 2 bitcoins in your CryptoCM Trading Account. 
  • Let's say bitcoin's price is $15,000.
  • You open a long position of 1 bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin rises to $16,000. 
  • You make a profit of $2,000 from your trading position.
  • PLUS, you also made another $1,000 profit from the other bitcoin that you have in your account. 

A Trading Platform & Exchange in one

CryptoCM is what all traders and investors have been waiting for. 

Till today, you could either invest in cryptocurrencies by using an exchange or by using a broker.

If you use an exchange, you cannot trade on your cryptos. You simply wait for the price to go up

If you use a broker, you don't own the cryptos. You simply open positions against the cryptos using your money.

CryptoCM changes all that. You can own your cryptocurrencies and you can leverage on them at the same time. You get the best of both worlds.

what are you waiting for?

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